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Portfolio Management

We Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

As you move around the world, we commit to provide the time, expertise, and flexibility to manage your existing portfolios or set up a new investment policy in order for you to achieve your goals mitigating the impacts of foreign exchange movements. We do this through our vast network of highly qualified investment professionals and fund managers all over the world.

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The Astra Investment Team have access to an unlimited range of portfolio management companies to provide the best quality advice. We follow a defined, structured, and repeatable investment process through a dedicated team of experts who adhere to stringent internal controls based on best international standards.

Savings Plan

We can set up either regular or adhoc savings schemes which can be designed for a term to suit a client's circumstances. These schemes are ideal to pay off a mortgage, for educational funding, retirement, or any other financial goal.


The underlying choice of investments would follow a strategy that is based on the client's risk profile and objectives.

Cash Management

Through our partners, we have access to excellent fixed interest rate solutions. We work closely with them and with you to help select the most appropriate product.


We also have access to products paying a high rate of fixed interest for higher volume clients or larger amounts.


Long-term investing plans allow you to gain higher returns and are generally for investors with a longer-term outlook. For funding the times ahead, it is recommended to invest in assets which have the potential to grow your money exponentially over time.

Short-term investing plans, on the other hand, allow you to achieve your goals in a short period of time with a lower risk. This is recommended when wanting to achieve goals that are immediate or in the nearer future.

Below are sample investment tables for different term plans (20, 10, and 5 years) projecting the gains after each investment horizon has been completed.

20-Year Savings Plan.png
10- and 5-Year Savings Plan (1).png

Talking to an adviser would help you choose the right plan for you and your goals. An adviser will help you in assessing your financial goals, your investment horizon or time frame as well as your tolerance to risk. By working with a financial adviser, you ensure that you have someone to help you out in case of market downturns and financial stress and that your plan is always tailored to fit your changing needs and circumstances.

Where are you located?

By choosing where you're located, you'll help us create better solutions and recommend plans based on your current location.

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