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2022 Astra and VAM Driehaus Meeting

2022 Astra and VAM Driehaus Meeting

Investment Management is just one of the important aspects of proper financial planning. And here in Astra, we make sure that we maintain healthy relationships with our fund managers in order to maintain and manage client portfolios effectively.

Our Investment Director, Don Valdez, has recently met with portfolio managers of VAM Driehaus Capital Management LLC, Jeffrey James and Michael Buck along with Head of Global Distribution, Tom Seftenberg, and Director of Trading and Operations, Jason Vedder in Chicago for a regular catch up and update on investment management and strategies including the latest trends in trading.

VAM Funds is a fund management group offering a range of funds investing across the spectrum of asset classes including equities and multi-asset portfolios. Driehaus is one of its Investment Managers and is based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm manages global, emerging markets, US growth equity, and alternative investment strategies. Read more about Driehaus Capital Management LLC.

Astra engages in active management of client portfolios in order to provide our clients the best possible solutions especially now that market turbulence has been present since the beginning of the year. Establishing a close relationship with investment professionals such as Driehaus has allowed Astra to keep up even with the most complicated times while still being able to ensure fund goals are met.

Learn more on ways Astra Group can help you with your financial goals.

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