3 Ways That Astra Will Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

We are an independent financial consultancy company with an international presence in Europe and Asia. Our team strive to maintain the highest possible standards to deliver industry-leading products from our global partners that best suits our clients. Astra is remunerated directly by the product providers in the form of fees and/or commissions. We do not receive any monies directly from clients for investment policies.

1. Excellent In-House Investment Management Services

We pride ourselves for being entirely independent. This does not mean we are isolated, but on the contrary. We collect ideas and thoughts from some of the most respected names in the investment world. Our clients enjoy the full benefits of this as it means that there are no restrictions placed on recommending best-in- class investments and at the same time we are well positioned to design suitable, personalised portfolios as we have a deep understanding of individual needs and circumstances. Empowered by technology and professional training that our staff regularly receive, our investment process is robust and enables us to deliver consistent returns aligned with our client risk profiles.

2. Astra Will Be With You For The Long Run

We focus on ongoing investment management with a client-focused relationship. In order to keep our clients up to date and confident, we provide quarterly investment valuations and newsletters. We are dedicated to our 5 core values, trust, integrity, expertise, passion & client focus.

3. We Are A Growing Successful Company

We are made up of international professionals and still growing despite challenging times. Through these difficult times, it is no secret that many have lost their jobs or companies have completely lost business. Fortunately, we have been able to adapt and not only survive but thrive in this new world.

We are thrilled that through 2020, our international team grew as many talented and qualified individuals joined us. We are delighted to welcome our newest wealth manager, Jason Collins into our Astra Financial Services team, where he’ll be based in our Prague office.

He specialises in helping you with investments, tax, protection and estate planning. Jason prefers to take more of a holistic view and develops personalised solutions to meet client’s unique needs. He has taken the step in leading Astra’s international school’s initiative to support their scholarship funds as part of our CSR program.

At Astra, we believe that as we continue to grow professional and financially, our responsibility to give back continues to grow with us. We are excited about helping talented children, who do not have the financial means for excellent international school education, reach their full potential.

What makes Jason unique in his approach is the wealth of experience he’s had prior to joining our team at Astra such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Commercial Property Investments, Business Investments, Insurance Products and Financial Planning. On top of this, Jason has over 27 years’ experience as an entrepreneur business owner in the UK and Czech Republic across different sectors.

The financial advisers trading under Astra Financial Services are regulated directly via the Czech National Bank under license number 223934PA.

  • We are proud members of: FEIFA - The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers,

  • STEP - Global Professional Association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning

  • CISI - Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

Get in touch with Jason now to let him guide you on your path to financial freedom!