Living in an Imperfect World

Understanding that we live in an imperfect world and that we and those around us are also imperfect will help us find peace and happiness in life.

John Lennon when he sang and wrote ‘Imagine’ envisaged a perfect world probably through a haze of drugs and alcohol during an era of incredible optimism and change. ‘Imagine’ has been sung millions of times all over the world but for me the most powerful and true version was sung by an Iraqi orphan. [Link attached]

This boy along with his brother was rescued by a woman in Australia who later adopted him. Many people do amazing deeds of kindness which involve personal sacrifices. These deeds are rarely reported in the news but stories like this can help us realise that there is still a huge amount of good in our imperfect world.

Focusing on negative news and stories of disaster and war will have an impact on us mentally. Negativity can lead to significant issues which affect our health and quality of life. How we manage this daily intake of negativity will significantly impact every day of our lives.

Living in an imperfect world also means that those around us who are friends and family will also be imperfect and this can again cause stress and anxiety as we try and figure out why they respond to us in certain ways. These problems can become exaggerated when we feel we are leading a positive life and yet we perceive those around us to be negative and uncommunicative.

Work can also be a huge source of stress and anxiety and sometimes you may be unlucky enough to work in an environment which is difficult to change. The speed of change in the world seems to mean we all work harder and are also always connected. This can be both good and bad if we cannot manage time for our own benefit.

Ways to feel more positive and reduce anxiety and stress:

EXERCISE - It has been proven that exercise releases chemicals in our body which make us feel happy and positive. It also builds strength and potentially better health as well as relieving stress

and anxiety. Exercise can take many forms so is something everyone can do and enjoy the proven benefits from this.

WORK - It is also important to have a good work/life balance no matter how hard this might seem. With technology it is difficult to really get away from work. Managing your devices to make sure you can get time away will give you more happiness as it is important we do not become slaves to technology.

FOOD & DIET - Food is a great way to relax and take time out from our busy days by sitting together with friends and family. It is also a great way to celebrate important events or occasions as well as providing the vitamins we require on a daily basis. Controlling our diet to suit each of our different needs is very important and this will impact our happiness and health.

FRIENDS & FAMILY - We are born into a certain family environment and this is something we cannot control. Our early years impact the rest of our lives for better or worse and will help determine the person we become. Relationships we have will also impact how we feel about ourselves and our general wellbeing.

As we all mature and become independent, we have choices as to whether we will follow the path of our parents, whether that be good, bad or making our own path. Following a path that has already been traveled and is familiar will probably be the easier option, but in a world that changes all the time it is unlikely to bring happiness. It is important to make your own path in life and set your own standards which are realistic for you.

Understanding that we live in an imperfect world is important as it helps us to be realistic in our expectations of what we can expect from work, other people and events going on around us. It is easy to get sucked into the negative news which is all around us and to let this affect our life.

We can also find happiness and fulfilment like the lady did who adopted the Iraqi boy. This is a great lesson for many of us that very rarely do material possessions bring happiness.

So, why don't we all just try to do one small good thing each and every day? ..Because the chances are that this will most likely bring happiness and greater fulfilment in life!