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Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV) Basics and Application

It’s indeed more fun living in the Philippines!

Philippines has been known to be one of the top destinations for retirement thanks to its beautiful islands and beaches, manageable cost of living, incredible food, vibrant traditions, and great weather.

And if you are considering Philippines as your retirement home or investment destination, here’s an interview video on SRRV Basics with Milex Quisumbing and Marc Gulle of Astra Group to get you started with your application.

Our network spans across Asia and Europe, so wherever you are now, together with POC Management Consultancy, Astra Group can help with your retirement planning. Please feel free to reach us at +63 919 304 9571 or email at contact@aapocconsultancy.

You may also visit our websites: and

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