For many of us who become global nomads by moving abroad for work, lifestyle or retirement tax is often something which gives us great concern.

For those of us from first world or other countries where a significant part of income is taken away in tax this can create uncertainty and fear. Often we are led to believe that paying tax is a good thing as it goes to paying for things like hospitals, infrastructure and helping those less fortunate.

The reality is however sadly different and governments use tax to pay for wars which over the last few decades have killed thousands and ruined the lives of millions who have been

displaced. The more tax governments get the stronger they become and the more likely they are to waste money on wars and other acts of aggression.

Strong governments often use funds to create additional layers of bureaucracy and government

to reward ‘friends’ or political allies which only burden the country and waste money and


Where ever we live you will pay taxes either directly or indirectly. Tax is levied when we buy or sell property, visit hotels or restaurants and also generally when you buy alcohol. We however have a choice as global nomads or expats as to what taxes we pay and whether we need to pay tax in our home country.

With many countries like the UK, USA and parts of Europe becoming more nationalistic many of us may choose to reduce our tax obligations by legal means as a way of showing dissatisfaction with the current situation.

With the world becoming smaller and technology allowing more people greater flexibility in the way they work understanding your options with regard to tax is something we will help global nomads and expats to better manage.