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This is the Astra Work-Life!

Let’s take a moment to know the Astra Team more and interns, like John Bigno, describing his internship life with Astra Group in this short video.

John is a Financial Management major and will be graduating in September. He has been an intern for months now but in Astra, he’s better known as our Investment Assistant. With getting into the actual role and responsibilities of being an Investment Assistant, John is able to expose himself into how the global markets work. He’s able to combine not just technical financial expertise but also people management skills. He’s fully involved in Astra’s daily business operations and even meetings valuing his fresh insights as well.

This is how internship life works in Astra. We are not just embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, but we are also in the continuous path of discovering talents and unlocking their hidden potentials. Like John, we want to see future talents rise to new levels and heights. This is just part of the Astra mission to create a future that’s stable and promising not just to our clients worldwide but also to our employees, with the main goal of driving economic mobility.


We are always a client-first company. In whatever we do, we strive to make everything personalized, with the commitment to helping clients achieve their goals wherever they are and in whatever situation they are in.

Let’s move together, like John, towards a better future.

Share us your thoughts or if you’d like to have a chat, please feel free to contact us.

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