To Our Valued Clients, do you want a free health checkup?

As a huge thank you from The Astra Group for your loyalty through these difficult times, we'd like to give you a complimentary health checkup with our virtual online doctor, DokToYou.

This is a perfect solution if you don't want to run the risk of going out to a hospital and potentially exposing yourself to Covid19, not only for the sake of your own health but for your family and loved ones. 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, alone or even confused, but don't worry, we see you, we hear you and above all we value you!

With physical & mental health being a top priority, DokToYou have psychologists and psychiatrists available to chat 24/7. And the amazing thing is, not only are they there for you, but with a wide spread of services ranging from paediatricians (for your children), cardiologists, radiologists (for x-rays) and even to aesthetic medicine services (cosmetic services) we are sure that they've got you covered. 

You can take a look at the different services that they offer here.

DokToYou has friendly board-certified doctors and counsellors. 

There is no doubt that times are changing and we believe it is important to not get stuck in the past, but to focus on the new & adapting to the future. Companies like DokToYou are embracing what the future will look like and we feel it is important to support that. 

To book your complimentary appointment with DokToYou, we ask in return for a referral recommendation from those around you who you feel may benefit from our help as well.  To qualify for a free appointment, the referral needs to be in a similar profession and earning at a similar level of income.  Get in touch with us on to get your appointment scheduled.