Underestimating the Effects Costs Have on Investment Returns.

Our Costs and Potential Savings:

As we do the majority of our business online or through Skype calls we can keep costs down to a minimum. Shorter term plans will always be more expensive than long term, but we can generally keep costs down to between 1 to 2% and for longer term plans this can be a lot less. Fees are further reduced for those who can afford to save higher amounts on a monthly basis or with a lump sum.

All costs are relative and it has been found that generally the cost of advice and using an advisor will ultimately give you a significantly better end result than if you don’t use one. Generally those who use an advisor are likely to be 40% better off at retirement than those who choose not to use one. This is all logical as an advisor like a coach will ’nag’ you to maintain your commitments and stick to your plans to help you achieve your end goals. Without a coach or someone to push you it is easy to lose the way and stop reaching for your goals leading to a shortfall in your plans.

Ultimately we all need a coach or advisor to push us during the hard times, and history shows us that those who choose this route will almost always end up more likely to achieve their goals be they financial or personal than those who don’t have a coach.