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Vietnam Equity Fund & Market Outlook

September 19-20, 2022 – the Astra Group represented by James Hartland, Astra Asia CEO and Don Valdez, Astra Group Investment Director, attended Dragon Capital’s 2022 Vietnam Access Conference to validate the high growth potential on the ground.

Vietnam continues to be one of the most dynamic countries in Asia to showcase resilience despite crises like, Covid-19. Health status and values, infrastructures, and utilities have all shown significant improvements. It is also considered a powerhouse in export while also getting manufacturing businesses from China. The country continues to be bolder in defining its development aspirations, thus, showing the globe a great investment potential


In this video interview, Don Valdez sits with Dragon Capital’s Portfolio Manager, Le Yen Quynh to discuss the potentials of the Vietnam Equity Fund and the Vietnam market outlook. This is part of Astra’s active portfolio management efforts collecting and validating performing funds in order to give our clients the best investment opportunities for diversification.

To know more and stay updated on the latest happening on Asian and world markets or if you’d like to reach out and get a consultation with us, please feel free to contact us.

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