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We Help You Future-Proof Life

Part of Astra's mission is to help our clients and their families future-proof and prepare for life’s adversities and make sure to have the right policies in place to protect their assets and loved ones.


This is not limited only to individuals but business owners can also obtain coverage for their employees to boost employee welfare and promote business continuity.

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Life Insurance

Astra believes that the cornerstone of any sound financial planning should start with protection. This can involve life insurance, critical illness cover, medical insurance, and other forms of insurance for both individuals and companies.

We help both individuals and companies design the protection solution they require based on their income and family situation. Insurance needs are highly personalized and the financial advisers in the Astra Group understand this to make sure the solutions we offer clients meet their needs both now and in the future. 

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Blood Pressure

Medical Insurance

Astra partners with many different medical insurance providers from all over the globe to offer our clients the best solution wherever they may live in the world.

Where are you located?

By choosing where you're located, you'll help us create better solutions and recommend plans based on your current location.

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