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Investing in Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to investing your hard-earned capital, your goal shouldn’t be to simply explore the market for well-performing stocks. Instead, you should look to take advantage of new and emerging technological advancements that have the potential to change life as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence is one of those technologies. In recent years, AI has become increasingly intelligent, increasingly accessible, and increasingly embedded in our business processes. Automation has paved the way for the more advanced AI technologies to become a mainstream technology, similar to that of television, the internet, and mobile technologies.

Think about it; in 2018 alone, we witnessed the largest real-life showcase of AI technologies on one of the largest scales, the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. We had the opportunity to see AI-equipped robots direct tourists through airports, direct athletes throughout the Olympic villages, and even make recommendations on nearby attractions and amenities. In addition, companies like Walmart are deploying AI-equipped robots as customer service representatives throughout a number of their US stores.

It’s clear to see that AI could be a technology worth investing in as a newcomer.

The Power of AI

Fund firms have recently begun to adopt and embrace Artificial Intelligence technologies to help them offer more effective solutions for those looking to invest their capital. For instance, Sanlam Managed Risk (SMR) UCITS Fund offers what they refer to as, “a NextGen ‘all-rounder’ solution,” which leverages the tremendous power of AI to help offer their investors a reduced risk of capital loss, while increasing their total returns over a market cycle.

As an effective alternative investment, the Fund is specifically designed to ensure growth, maximum returns, and minimized risks of capital loss and time in loss. When it comes to answering the calls of investors who want less risk when working with their hard-earned capital, Sanlam offers 90% passive equity exposure using advanced AI algorithms to help direct investors’ capital to the right places, and at the right time.

Their AI investment engine has been built to minimize the depth and breadth of draw-downs, optimize the balance between risks and returns, and maximize the positive outcomes of investments. With a fool-proof risk management strategy that sends AI-driven allocation signals, investors can rest assured knowing that the risk for capital loss is as low as it could possibly be in the investment market.

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