Retirement Plan

Retirement planning is one of the key areas of your financial strategy. After working long and hard, you want to enjoy your retirement years knowing your family is protected and there are enough funds to fund those times ahead.

A Retirement Plan Tailored Specifically To You

Our expert team of financial professionals can assist you with your retirement plan in numerous ways.

Sorting Out Your Existing Pension Plans

We find many clients tend to ignore their existing arrangements for many reasons:

  • They are too busy and don’t understand them.

  • The existing arrangement is with a company who are difficult to call or get information from which is easy to understand and the statements they send out are confusing.

  • Many of our clients think that because they have an existing pension or saving arrangement with a ‘big company’ it is being managed and looked after. 

Address Your Concerns Before Retirement


How much money do you need for retirement?


How will inflation and currency fluctuations affect your retirement income?


What would be the care costs for you or your partner if one were to become ill?


How do you ensure that there is an ongoing income when your partner dies?


Do you rely on your employer’s pension scheme? If so, you should be aware that many of these schemes are running on empty and it may make sense to make your own provisions.

Savings Plan

We can set up a regular and/ or single contribution investment-linked policy, which will be running for a specific number of years, based on the planned year of retirement.


The underlying choice of investments would follow a certain strategy, so that a targeted growth rate is achievable and therefore your pension fund is likely to be as projected.

The Next Steps

Astra are able to help clients by contacting their existing arrangements and speaking in plain English as to what benefits they have. Once we have this information we can then sit down with you and discuss the options you have with your existing arrangements.


Once we have made suggestions Astra then offer ongoing advise and your own personal consultant to deal with. This gives you confidence your finances are in good hands and that you are getting the best from your existing arrangements